Sports Utility Bicycle

A new approach to bike design

Patents applied for

SUBs (Sports Utility Bikes) are much safer

Sports utility bike

Stable and safe due to low center of mass and three wheels.

To leave our cars at home, bicycles need to provide more!

Carry luggage safely

SUB luggage

Carry up to 40kg, low down, and stable

Foldaway rain cover

rain cover

Stay warm and dry when it rains

Fold away and lock securely around posts


By simply lifting the middle of the bike the rear suspension pivots to fold the bike away.

This feature allows the frame to be locked securely together. No chain is required and only cutting through the frame will allow it to be taken. It can also be folded and locked around a post, to stop it being taken away.

The folding action also closes the space under the frame where the battery is stored. Providing extra security for whatever you store inside the frame area.

Additional benefits of the design


The electric motor is contained within a removable box. This means that a separate 'pedal only' version can be fitted or the bike can be upgraded with a different electric motor design, meaning it will never go out of date.

Front and rear, rubber cushion suspension are used.

Simply lift to fold in half.

Switching between the hub and pivot steering is automatic.

Water-activated mudguard brushes.

Clean belt drive.

Solid tyres so no punctures.

Overlay with traditional bike layout


Layout and size as per most common bikes.

Early berty bodgit trials


A simple way to test out some of the ideas and find the many that did not work.

Information on the successful test versions is by request only.