Sports Utility Cargo Trike

Carry luggage safely on a folding ebike

High Loads at Low Height gives a much safer ride

Latest design overview

SUBs (Sports Utility Trikes) are much safer with cargo

Sports utility bike

Current cargo bike designs are either too big or can't carry much luggage.

Our SUBs has a low centre of mass and three wheels making luggage carrying safe and stable. The dual-steering system provides safety at high speed, and great manoeuverability at low speed.

To leave our cars at home, cargo bikes need to be better!

The small wheels used on modern scooters will never be safe.

Dual steering for stability and manoverability

dual bike steering

Hub steering includes enough camber for high-speed, straight-line stability and is well proven on recumbent trikes. Eight degrees is sufficient for the tightest corner or roundabout although we run much more.

Pivot steering provides incredible manoeuverability but has no self-centering or protection against turning moments due to impacts against one wheel. This means it is only safe to be used at low speeds.

Switching between the hub and pivot steering is controlled by our unique steering system design. Patents applied for.

Riders can lean into bends with great high-speed cornering stability, then manoeuvre around tight areas without losing any luggage carrying capability.

Carry luggage safely, one size fits all

SUB luggage

Carry up to 40kg, low down, safe, and stable. No side-stand required.

The design provides enough space for a toddler's child seat to fit between the wheels.

The seat and handlebars are fully adjustable to give a one size fits all capability.

Overlay with traditional bike layout


The wheel, seat, and pedal layout and sizes are based on common dimensions from traditional bikes.

Fold away and lock securely without a chain


Simply lifting the middle of the bike and the rear suspension pivots to fold the bike away.

This feature allows the frame to be locked securely together. No chain is required and only cutting through the frame will allow it to be taken. It can also be folded and locked around a post, to stop it from being taken away.

The folding action also closes the space under the frame or rear swinging arm, where the battery is stored. Providing extra security for whatever extra you store inside the cavity.

Additional benefits from SUB designs


The electric motor is contained within a removable box. This means that a separate 'pedal only' version can be fitted or the bike can be upgraded with a different electric motor design, so it will never go out of date.

Rear suspension is via rubber cushions. Front suspension can be facilitated by the cantilever arm design.

Simply lift the middle of the bike to fold it in half.

The cavity inside the frame could be used for secure storage.

Waterforce-activated mudguard brushes are used to stay dry and reduce wind resistance.

Belt drive can be used for cleanliness when folding.

The improved suspension will allow solid tyres to be used and therefore punctures eliminated.

Multi development test version


This was the first truly rideable version and proved useful with a lot of cut and welding trials, along with trying several different steering control approaches.

Hydraulic steering version


Mark II concept trials

steering head trial

This version included cable steering with mechanical switching between hub and pivot steering.

Early berty bodgit trials


This was our first concept trial.